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L1(AB) IPL beauty equipment

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1. The series of LightTech is the newest improvement of Races LightPRE IPL equipments; various of improvement methods can supply the good points of LightTech for the LightPRE lovers again.
2. Convenient operation with LCD screen, touch screen, friendly system. It is easy to operate.
3. Set convenient operation system for beginner to reduce the trouble of setting treatment parameters, easy to treat professional treatment for different customers according to their skins conditions. The professional process for professional operator can meet the demand of different clients. Treatment parameters can be adjusted neatly.
4. The osculant cooling system can remove the unsuitable feeling during treatment.
5. Super heat removal system can make the machine continuously work for more than 24 hours.
6. Self-acting adjusting system makes the output power of light energy steady and consistent.
7. The light-filtering tube and filters in the treatment handpiece can filter UVA, UVB and other harmful ultraviolet radiation for our skin completely, to realize Full Color Skin safe and effective treatment.
8. Combined four kinds of safeguard equipments: high temperature protecting, lack of water protecting, liquid protecting and the warning of the handpiece does not connect the machine to realize safe and reliable work.
9. Dormancy working routine, it makes the machine at the safe and electricity-saving working mode.


1. No hurt, no surgery, no tablets, it has not any hurt to skin tissue.

2. Pain-free, no anesthetic, only with slight calorific sensation when operation.

3. Without special care after treatment, no interruption to regular work and life

4. Without any side effects, without ill chemic and physical reaction after treatment.

5. Excellent long-term results, youth gloss will be coruscated from inside to outside after treatment.

6. mproving more kinds of skins matter using one care way at the same time, variety of ageing conditions can be got improvement at the same time.

Principle of IPL

IPL is short for Intense Pulsed Light. The machine adopted IPL to filter skin, the first is absorbed at first by the pigment and blood vessel, under premise of no-destroy the natural skin, the light will be changed to heating energy and then the pigment is destroyed, decomposed, absorbed. So that it can achieve the effect of pigmentation therapy and skin rejuvenation. The second: LightTech causes a chemic reaction for skin in the beauty treatment, stimulates collagen re-develop, spring fibre recombine, it can achieve the effect of spring skin. The third: hemoglobin albumine makes the capillary wall becoming thicker after absorbing energy, and then achieve the effect of removing wrinkle and tighten pore, removing vascular. The fourth: using the black cell and normal skin have great difference to absorbing rate of the special wave, special energy light irradiation (that is principle of lights selectivity absorbing), it will produce heat by hair absorbing the IPL, the heat will move to hair follicle through hair, making hair nipple inside hair follicle with great black pigment absorbing heating energy produce heat-broken that cant reverse, and the normal epidermis will not be destroyed, and then prevent the growth of hair, achieve the effect of perennially removing hair.

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