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Easy install Color changing LCD Aquarium Thermometer strip , No batteries require and easy to read



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  1.  Accuracy : ±0.5
  2.  Temperature range : 8~34
  3.  Material : PET
  4.  Size : 9*95mm
  5.  Principle : Liquid crystal Heat Sensitive
  6.  Note : Keep it in shady and cool
  7.  Valid date : 1~2 years
  8.  Usage : Measure the aquarium temperature.





Although the fish tank may look fine, changing or unsuitable water temperature can have a negative effect on both fish and plants. Having a good thermometer and tracking water temperature at various times and days, will help you identify and correct problems due to temperature changes.And correct water temperature is vital for fish health.This thermometer strip utilizes heat sensitive color changing liquid crystals which are very sensitive to temperature and change position / twist in relation to changes in temperature. Unlike other type thermometer,this new thermometer is non-toxic,no mercury and no batteries required .



What is liquid crystal thermometer:


It is made with a substance called cholesteric liquid crystals which looks like small rod-like structures under magnification.Liquid crystals possess the mechanical properties of a liquid,but have the optical properties of a single crystal.Temperature changes can affect the color of a liquid crystal,which make them useful for temperature measurement.

There are two stages in the liquid crystals:

1.the hot nematic stage is the closest to the liquid phase wher the molecules are freely moving around and only partly ordered.

2.The cold smectic stage is closest to a solid phase wher the molecules align themselves into tightly wound chiral matrixes.

Liquid crystal thermometers portray temperatures as colors and can be used to follow temperature changes caused by heat flow.They can be used to observe that heat flows by conduction,convection,and radiation.



Tips of aquarium thermometer?


 When using LCD thermometers, there are a few tips to follow. First, do not place them in a location wher they will receive direct sunlight, or near a heating or cooling vent. It is not recommended that an aquarium be placed in such locations anyway. Secondly, do not place the thermometer below the gravel level, as the reading will not be as accurate. Lastly, the thermometer reads best when viewed straight on, so place it accordingly. If you have to contort your body just to be able to see the thermometer, its not in an ideal location.











Temperature range






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